Blueshift speakers charge in 5 minutes.

Our speakers are powered by supercapacitors. That's why they:

  • Charge fully in 5 minutes

  • Play for 6 hours on a charge

  • Recharge up to 500,000 times

Open source hardware. Great sound. Built to last in Portland, Oregon.


We're here to build better electronics.

At Blueshift, we are committed using the best available components, like supercapacitors and highly efficient full-range drivers - these parts are expensive, but they're the reason our products are special. We're assembling our speakers in the USA, and we're building most of the components here as well. We're building the best products we can build. 


Big companies don't want to compete with the quality of our products - but they do have a lot of money to spend on ads. So it goes.

Portable audio is just the beginning. Right now, we're working on products for your home, the outdoors, and your bike. If you're looking for better electronics - devices that are built around what you care about - this is the right place.

We had hoped that Blueshift speakers would sound as good as they looked, but it turns out they sound even better than that. Our expectations were exceeded by remarkably uncolored sound...
— Caleb Denison, Digital Trends
Helium Stereo Bluetooth speaker
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