Charges in five minutes.

The Helium speaker charges in 5 minutes and plays for 6 hours on a charge - and it sounds awesome.

Using supercapacitors instead of traditional batteries, we're building the fastest-charging devices ever here in Portland - and with a lifetime of 500,000 charges, they'll keep charging fast for a long time.

Available for pre-order NOW.



    We build open source hardware.

    Our technology supports our values - so we want everyone to use it.


    We are proving that great products don't make ethical compromises. We're using natural materials, super-efficient electronics and drivers, supercapacitors, and designs that can be upgraded and repaired, not thrown away.


    Portable speakers are just the beginning - we are working on open-source projects in home audio, bicycle/outdoor electronics, solar power management, and more.


    We're in production now.

    Our speakers are available for pre-order as we catch up on orders from our crowdfunding campaign.